Our Pioneers

Mr. Atul Kumar Garg


With over 20 years of experience as CEO of Access Healthcare Services Inc., a palliative/respite care company of about 180 employees, providing over 120,000 hours of care annually, Atul leads the business at HealthsignTM. As CEO at HealthsignTM, Atul wants to take health monitoring to newer heights by developing patient-centric solutions that save lives, prevent adverse outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and improve overall quality of life.

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Dr. Saif Ahmad

Chief Scientist

With an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, a masters and PhD in computer science, and over 14 years of experience in medical device development, Saif leads the R&D efforts at HealthsignTM. Saif works on all aspects of conceptualizing, designing, and developing innovative health monitoring devices. He also architects novel signal processing, machine learning, AI, and statistical analysis algorithms that analyze physiological data for providing diagnostics and alerts.

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Mr. Phil Streets

Industrial and Graphic Designer

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Dr. Vishal Malik

Lead Data Manager

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Dr. Ajay Jain

Dr. Anik R. Vandewaetere